Affirmation Cards


From bestselling self-care author Alexandra Elle, this empowering deck makes it easy to cultivate confidence, joy, and mindfulness in everyday life.

Affirmation Cards is a deck of 55 cards, each featuring an uplifting affirmation on the front and a meditation practice on the back. Organized into six categories-Self-Love, Personal Power, Self-Trust, Letting Go, Boundaries, and Healing-these cards are designed to help you tap into moments of peace, clarity, and connection in your day-to-day life. Delivered in a luxe, take-anywhere package, this deck is a gorgeous accessory for wellness enthusiasts, meditators, and fans of Alexandra Elle.

EXPERT WISDOM: Alexandra Elle is a leading voice in wellness and a New York Times bestselling author. Her work has been featured by a wide range of media outlets, including The New York Times, NPR, Good Morning America, Essence, MindBodyGreen, Forbes, among many others. This deck is inspired by the popular affirmations Alex shares with her fans online, offering readers bite-size practices that make it simple to incorporate positivity into daily life.

EASY SELF-CARE: Brimming with 55 affirming practices, this deck makes it easy to incorporate profound self-care practices into busy days. The portable, on-the-go format makes it the ideal accessory to keep in your bag so that you can pull a card whenever you need a mindful moment.

BEAUTIFUL TO GIFT AND DISPLAY: Delivered in a stylish, eye-catching package filled with 55 shimmering cards, Affirmation Cards is a beautiful gift for anyone interested in self-discovery, meditation, and mindfulness and a stylish companion for the spiritually curious.

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: This interactive and uplifting deck can be used in a variety of ways: pull one card a day to start your morning with positivity, pull several cards at once to set an intention for the week, or keep a favorite card on the bedside table for everyday encouragement.

Perfect for:

• Fans of Alexandra Elle, her popular self-care books, and The Hey Girl Podcast
• Practical tool for meditators, yoga enthusiasts, and anyone interested in self-healing and personal development
• Companion to Elle's After the Rain and In Courage Journal, as well as decks like Mindfulness Cards: Simple Practices for Everyday Life and Calm the Chaos Cards
• An empowering birthday, graduation, or wellness gift for poets, writers, healers, caretakers, and all who can benefit from the power of positive thinking
• Fans of The Holistic Psychologist, Rupi Kaur, Layla Saad, Rachel Cargle, and the Nap Ministry

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