Cheese Knives Set


Serve your guests in impeccable style with this cheese knife set, ideal for casual gatherings or formal events. Acacia wood handles make a rustic serving statement and look right at home in a farm or vintage motif.

Two's Company is a leader in the home decor and gift industry. Coming up with over 1000 new products each year is the result of a collaborative effort of the passionate team of designers and crafters that make these items a treasured keepsake. The company is committed to making even more remarkable products for you.

Inspired and guided by Bobbie and Tom, her son, the company's aspirations are supported by a solid vision and a relentless passion for great style and creativity in everything that they do. Bobbie and Tom strive to maintain the company's leadership position in the gift and home industry, not only by offering the best product but also by their inspiring showroom displays, their exciting trade show offerings, and their world-class service staff.

Brand Two's Company
Additional Info

THREE-PIECE SET: Tailored for various cheese types. Enhance your experience with unique features. Experience unparalleled performance. Discover the difference in quality.

RUSTIC AESTHETIC: Acacia wood handles add warmth. Elevate your lifestyle with exceptional design. Innovative and practical for everyday use. Crafted for convenience and durability.

DURABLE BLADES: Made from high-quality stainless steel. Unmatched in elegance and functionality. Eco-conscious choice for the modern user. Sophisticated design meets optimal functionality.

GIFT READY: Elegantly packaged for gifting. Sophisticated design meets optimal functionality. Seamlessly integrates into your daily routine. Revolutionary design for the contemporary user.

CARE: Hand wash recommended for longevity. Revolutionary design for contemporary users. Seamlessly integrates into daily routines. Optimal functionality with a modern aesthetic.

What's included 3 Cheese Knives
Length 6.25 inch
Width 6 inch
Height 1 inch
Material Stainless Steel

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